No1 Radio School, RAF Locking
RAF Locking in April 2006



The following photos were taken in April 2006 by Pete Harry (ex Apprentice and 2T Instructor). Considering RAF Locking was demolished two years ago and every building (bar two) has been levelled the site has not reverted to a wilderness! Grass has been cut and all the trees remain.

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RAF Locking Main Entrance. Access to married quarters is still through these gates.

RAF Locking church. Much debate on the future of this building. Only one of two building remaining the other being the Guard Room.

McCrae Road runs from the Guard Room and down the west side of the parade ground.

The site of the plinth for the station's Gate Guardian. Stands like a memorial stone to the Station and thosed that served there.

Looking east down Post Office Road. SHQ would have been on the left.

Further down McCrae Road. The entrance to the Sgt's Mess (with barrier) is on the left. 3T would have been in front of you - but is no more.

The Parade Square. How many young men spent their Satuday mornings here?

Looking east down Leedham Road. The airmans blocks were on the right and 4T on the left.

Looking north east across the remains of the airman's blocks. Nothing remains of 3T or the Roundal Club.

Russell Road looking east. This road runs behind the 'Tech' blocks and shows the level of security now on the site of RAF Locking.

Russell Road looking east. A similar view to the previous photo but minus the security fence.

Cranwell Road looking west.The populars were a landmark for Apprentices who marched passed these trees to the old Apprentice Mess.

A view from Cranwell Road looking. At the end of the road the Flowerdown Club would have been on the left and Apprentice (Quantock) Mess on the right.

The site of RAF Locking's Sports Stadium.